There’s actually seven different Frog Lakes in Oregon, eight if you count “Bull Frog Lake” — that’s in Oregon City and isn’t actually a lake, but a reservoir.

I love Oregon City and should really write more about how much, but suffice to say that my daughter was born there.

You remember how fucking magical closets were as a kid?

Didn’t need to be a big closet or a fancy closet. It could just be a tiny coat closet or a small pantry. Double sliding hollow doors, or a thick old door with a mirror attahed. Didn’t really matter.

It was a closet. It held power.

Your parent’s closet, especially…

My grandfather, Pasquale ‘Pat’ Castaldo, anytime after 1991, would ask me every single time I’d see him, if I lived anywhere near Walla Walla.

“Patrick,” he’d start in, “Walla Walla, Washington — you live near there?”

I was living in Olympia at the time — a little over five hours…

I went to the VA Nursing home last month, my entire extended family did, to celebrate my Grandmother’s 100th birthday. She’s a “tough old broad” — her words, not mine. She’s in full possession of her faculties, and able to zip around the home faster than anyone.

My grandmother was…

Okay, it’s not really me. And it’s not really my friend.

But when my friend (who looks uncannily like the little spoon) sent it to me, I couldn’t stop laughing, it is us.

I haven’t been able to identify the artist yet, but I love the work, and love that entire advertising panels in Swedish subways are dedicated to art like that.

UPDATE: It’s Liv Strömquist’s work. Detailed here:

(Thanks to Reid Beels for letting me know!)

Pat Castaldo

I often wear plaid shirts.

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