Goodbye Electric: 3 Years in an e-Golf

Three years after I decided to go electric, I turned it in at the end of the lease.

I liked this car. I liked it alot.

I had leased it instead of buying it because electric cars were on the verge of the affordable 200-mile range barrier, and I wanted to be sure if anything went wrong with it while I had it, it was on them.

I was covered by free towing and service the whole time I owned it — but I never used either. Going into this whole thing, I thought running out of charge due to limited range would be an issue. But it wasn’t. I never once ran out of charge — never even got it below 8 miles.

I live in Portland, Oregon and my commute to work is a little over 3 miles, and that’s a big part of it.

The eGolf is a perfect city car. It’s small enough to fit in most parallel parking spaces, but has 4 doors and lots of room to haul stuff with the rear seats down.

The doors close with a nice thud, the instrumentation is clean and easy to read, and the stereo just works and sounds good for factory audio.

What did I replace it with? A 1972 Dodge Dart, of course.

I often wear plaid shirts.